The Weissenberg Method - [ A Collection of Fourteen Buerger Offprints ]

various: various 1934-1937. First Edition. A collection of 14 offprints by Martin J. Buerger. Buckram cloth volume labelled on spine "The Weissenberg Method | Buerger | Copy 5". Various paginations. Wrappers bound in. Near Fine. Cloth. [16226]

Offprints include "The Weissenberg Reciprocal Lattice Projection and the Technique of Interpreting Weissenberg Photographs" (1934), "The Application of Plane Groups to the Interpretation of Weissenberg Photographs" (1935), "An Apparatus for Conveniently Taking Equi-Inclination Weissenberg Photographs" (1936), "The X-Ray Determination of Lattice Constants and Axial Ratios of Crystals Belonging to the Oblique Systems" (1937), "The Precision Determination of the Linear and Angular Lattice Constants of Single Crystals" (1937), "The Unit Cell and Space Group of Realgar" (1935), "Crystallogaphic Data, Unit cell and Space Group for Berthierite (FeSb2S4)" (1936), "Crystals of the Realgar Type : The Symmetry, Unit Cell, and Space Group of Nitrogen Sulfide" (1936), "The Unit cell and Space Group of Sternbergite, AgFe2S3" (by Newton W. Buerger 1937), "The Unit cell and Space Group of Cubanite" (1937), "The Unit Cell and Space Group of Tourmaline (An Example of the Inspective Equi-inclination Treatment of Trigonal Crystals)", (by M. J. Buerger and William Parrish, 1937), "The Symmetry and Crystal Structure of the Minerals of the Arsenopyrite Group" (1936), "The Symmetry and Crystal Structure of Manganite, Mn(OH)O" (1936), "The Crystal Structure of Valentinite (Orthorhombic Sb2O3)" (by MJ Buerger and Sterling B. Hendricks") (1937).

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