Science Heritage Ltd History of Microscopy Series - Eight volumes in Slipcase

Lincolnwood, Illinois: Science Heritage Ltd. 1987. Reprint. A collection of facsimile reprint of seven early works on microscopy plus 2 later works of interest to microscopists and scientific instrument enthusiasts/scholars. Printedin in eight volumes, each in green leather(ette) and contained in a nice slipcase. This set is in fine condition, noting a missing tab at the base of the slipcase. Extra shipping may be required for this order due to its weight. Near Fine. Boards. [21395]

The eight works included in this set are: 18th Century Microscopes A Sypnosis of History and Workbook (McCormick, 1987); Practical Treatise on the Use of the Microscope (Quekett, 1848); A History of Microtechnique 2nd edition (Bracegirdle, 1987); The Microscope Made Easy and Pocket Microscopes (Henry Baker 1769 and James Wilson 1706); Micrographia (Robert Hooke, 1665); The Achromatic Microscope (Richard Beck, 1865); The Microscopic Cabinet (Andrew Pritchard, 1832); The Microtomist's Vade-Mecum (Arthur Bolles Lee, 1885).

From the library of scientific instrument dealer Phil Stanley.

Price: $350.00