Computers and Automata WITH Influence of Programming Techniques on the Design of Computers WITH 39 Other Articles. Claude Shannon, Grace Hopper, M. V. Wilkes, J. P. Jr. Eckert, John Mauchly.
Origins of Cyberspace (10 listings)

Computers and Automata WITH Influence of Programming Techniques on the Design of Computers WITH 39 Other Articles

Menasha, Wisconsin: Institute of Radio Engineers, Inc. 1953. First Edition. [1A]-80A (advertisements), [2-table contents], 1219-1568, 81A-192A (advertisements) pages. Proceedings of the IRE, Vol 41, October 1953, No. 10, the entire issue. The first "Computer Issue" in original wrappers. Scarce thus. Previous owners name inked on front cover. Upper spine bumped with associated creasing. Generally bright and clean internally. Very Good. Wraps. [23774]

The famous ''IRE Computer Issue'', in the ORIGINAL WRAPPERS containing no less than 10 Origins of Cyberspace listings (#s 508, 513, 626, 641, 664, 672, 675, 871, and 885-886) and a total of 41 articles on the state of computing at the time. Contributors included Claude Shannon, Grace Hopper, John Mauchly, Wilkes, Eckert and many other authors whose work was very important in this evolving field.

A few of the important papers include: OOC 508: Buchholz, The system design of the IBM Type 701 computer (describes the overall system design of IBM's first electronic digital computer OOC 664: Hopper and Mauchly, Influence of programming technique on the design of computers (a discussion of how advances in programming technique could influence the design of future computers. References the UNIVAC I OOC 672: Huskey, Ambrose and Yowell, The SWAC design features and operating experience (a general description of the functional description of the SWAC computer including references to electrostatic and magnetic drum memories OOC 885: Shannon, Computers and Automata, (a brief review of developments in the field of automata and non-numerical computation) OOC 886: Shannon and Moore, Machine aid for switching circuit design (describes the first 'verification' machine, built at Bell Labs and called the 'relay circuit analyzer')

(the above condensed from entries and notes from Origins of Cyberspace, OOC) Many of the authors included in this issue (Hopper, Mauchly, Shannon, Moore) were important figures in early computing and made major contributions to the advancement of the field. Many other papers illustrate the state of the art at the time. Scarce in the original wrappers.

Shannon, Collected Papers #82

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