Communication in the Presence of Noise. Bell Telephone System Technical Publications, Monograph B-1644. Claude Shannon.
The First Separate Publication

Communication in the Presence of Noise. Bell Telephone System Technical Publications, Monograph B-1644

New York, NY: Bell Telephone Laboratories 1949. First Separate Edition. 12 pages. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Printed grey, blue and black wrappers. Ex-library stamp on front cover dated Aug 11, 1949. Otherwise unmarked. Near Fine. Wraps. [25294]

"Hartley's [Transmission of Information, 1928] results, published before the end of [the 1920s], were to be guiding rules for transmission engineers for nearly 20 years, giving way to a more comprehensive theory only when Claude Shannon would carefully examine the effect of noise on the ability of a system to preserve faithful indications of amplitude." (A History of Engineering & Science in the Bell System, The Early Years, p 909).

The original manuscript of this paper was received by the Institute of Radio Engineers July 23, 1940. It was presented at the IRE National Convention in New York on March 24, 1948 and November 12, 1947 (IRE New York Section). It was first published in the Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers, Volume 37, pp 10-21 in January 1949, for which an offprint does exist, printed in January 1949. While this separate edition is dated 1949, it unknown when in 1949 it was published (and the library accession stamp of Aug 11, 1949 indicates it is likely a later publication).

Often erroneously referred to as offprints, the Monograph series was not published in most cases contemporaneously with the original publications. The series also included work by Bell System employees that were first published outside the Bell System umbrella. They are, however, usually the first separate publication, and are thus highly prized by collectors since offprints in the traditional sense were not produced in the Bell System as far as we are aware.

Shannon, Collected Papers, #43 (referring to the Proceedings Institute of Radio Engineers issue).

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