With 37 signatures

The Faces of Science Fiction - SPECIAL COPY

New York: Bluejay Books, Inc. 1984. First Edition. Not paginated. Oblong 8vo. Publisher's original wrappers. A fun book with photographs taken by Patti Perret of many science fiction writers in their homes or offices. We find it fascinating to compare the "voice" of the writer with their photographs. This is a special copy with many signatures of the authors by their photos, and additional author signatures on the endpapers. Very Good. Wraps. [26092]

This copy of the book functioned as the signature reference for Dan and Barbara Kuenzig (of Intergalactic Bookworks) when they were dealing in science fiction and fantasy. Much like a hotel register, each science fiction author Dan and Barbara met at science fiction conventions were asked to sign in this book. In cases where the author was in the book with a picture already, they signed at that page. Otherwise, additional signatures for new authors are found all over the blank endpapers. Signatures on their respective photographs include: Gwyneth Jones, Hal Clement, Jack Williamson, Joe Haldeman, Mike Resnick, Algis Budrys, Charles Sheffield, C.J. Cherryh, Greg Bear, George R. R. Martin, Octavia E. Butler, Larry Niven, Jack L. Chalker, Jeffrey A. Carver, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Gene Wolfe, Gardner Dozois, Robert Silverberg, Samuel R. Delany. In addition, there are another eighteen signatures on the rear covers. There is also a James Doohan signed card laid in (the only one of the signatures not obtained in person). A total of 37 signatures plus the Doohan.

"Intimate portraits of the men and women of shape the way we look at the future." It would be difficult if not impossible to recreate this set of signatures. A fabulous gift.

Price: $500.00