Journal of the Zeiss Historica Society, complete run from Volume 3, No 1 Spring 1981 through Volume 28, No 1, Spring 2006, a total of 51 issues

various: Zeiss Historica Society 1981-2006. First Edition. Individual issues with 10 to 24 pages. 8 1/4 x 11 inches. Stapled pictorial wrappers. This set were effectively file copies retained by one of the founders, and some have significant wear. 51 total issues from Volume 3, No 1 Spring 1981 through Volume 28, No 1, Spring 2006. It would be difficult to put together a set of these again. Most issues were circulated just within the Society, and are rarely seen in the marketplace. Good. Wraps. [27073]

The Zeiss Historica Society was founded by Thomas Schreiner, Charles Barringer, Jr. and (as noted in some of the society's journals) Lawrence J. Gubas. Subcribed to by Zeiss enthusiasts all over the world, the "objectives of the Society are the study of, and exchange of information on the significant products and innovations of the Zeiss companies from their inception to the present." The Society was able to publish much interesting, scholarly material on many aspects of Zeiss drawing on personal member collections as well as individual research. With the concurrence of the modern Zeiss firms, Zeiss Historica also re-issued a few historic catalogs sent as premiums to members. The material offered here was acquired from the Society after it was disbanded. A portion of any sales will be donated to St. Judes as requested by the Society.

Price: $1,000.00