Archive of Merchandising window displays. NY's Peck and Peck Womenswear and others

Archive of 130+ of Window display and Room setting photographs, most fashion, many of the venerable firm New York firm Peck and Peck.

[ various ]: [ various ] 1950s. An archive of over 130 mostly period photographs (8 x 10 inches) by no less than 15 firms or photographers, at least 44 of which depict the firm Peck and Peck (so identified in the image by the label on the window or something in the display). All black and white, shot mostly at night, to striking effect. An excellent view into advertising, marketing, and merchandising in this time period, just before the cultural hit Mad Men's period. Nearly all of the window displays are fashion oriented, with just a few furniture interiors. We organized the photographs by photographer backstamp, then any information in the negative. A list follows or is available to interested parties. [27270]

"Peck & Peck was a New York-based retailer of private label women's wear prominent located at 581 Fifth Avenue. Founded by Edgar Wallace Peck and his brother George H. Peck, it began in New York in 1888 as a hosiery store, with early location near Madison Square. At Edgar Peck's death, Time magazine reported that the brothers once had to pay rent every 24 hours to a distrusting landlord, but now had 19 stores. It grew to 78 stores across the United States. Peck & Peck filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1974 and purchased in 1976 by the Minneapolis-based retailing company Salkin & Linoff.... Peck & Peck was known for its classic clothes. Like Bonwit Teller and B. Altman and Company's post–World War II fashions, Peck & Peck personified and flourished in the pre-hippie era in New York when WASP fashion ruled stores and fashion magazines. To writers like Joan Didion, Peck & Peck was descriptor and shorthand for a certain fashion look. A store classic was the simple A-line dress. Other fashion retailers that grew in the wake of the closure of Peck & Peck were Ann Taylor and Talbots. Since 2008 the Peck & Peck trademark is owned by Stein Mart for its line of woman's clothing." (wikipedia)

Over 130 photographs of window displays and room settings

Blank on back - kodak paper
- (22) window displays, Peck and Peck, mostly fashion but some accessories and other themes

Blank backs or just date or #"Received Store #106 East Orange Dec 55" or "Received Store #106 Helen Wilson"
- (17) window displays, Peck and Peck, various fashion themes, two identified in negative by Virginia Roehl
Blank backs, identified in negative as Virginia Roehl
- (1) bedroom setting, furniture and jewelry
- (2) window displays, furniture, Curtis Furniture in negative
- (2) displays, accessories, marked Mary Marsh Assoc in negative

Blank backs
- (4) window displays, marked Sterns and B. Worsinger in negative. Child and teen themes
Blank backs
- (17) window and/or room settings, various themes, mostly fashion

"Publicity Service Co. 227 E Sith St. Long Beach 12, Calif. Phone 7-4195"
Some with glue on back, some not. 5 without photographer credit, others with. Dates 1948, 1949
- (7) window displays, all marked Buffums' Long Beach California in the negative. Subjects are clothes, 2 on floral arrangements, 2 “close figuring” underclothing
- (4) room settings, furniture, no company name noted

"Dick" Whittington. Photography. Phone REpublic 5148, 3845 Wisconsin St. Los Angeles. Photo#
- (2) window displays. Formal and underwear, winter seasonals, one Vogue

Karl La Roche. Stamford Conn
- (6) window displays, most Peck and Peck, with cashmere and fall weather towards holiday focu

BEIDLER - VIKEN. Manhasset, New York when used for publication
- (8) window displays, most Peck and Peck, some airline themed, clothing and accessories

Worsinger Photo, 110 West 40th St. New York, City. Phone PEnn. 6-1891-1892" published
- (21) window displays. Most marked “STERNS” and “B. WORSINGER” in the negative. Subjects are mostly children and young adult themed items including accessories for adults, and even trains. Several have tags for the “Minikin shop”
NOTE: many of these photographs have tape residue on the backs, some cellotape, some an old masking tape??

- (1) window display, Chanel perfume
- (2) window displays, “Do-It-Up-Brown” fall fashions including faberge, Queen Make, and Dunlap brands
- (1) window display, Faberge at the beach
- (1) window display, “enchanting hats”
NOTE: 4 of the above are marked “T.W. Mather Co, Pasadena, David Cramer” in the negative

Nick Nolan Studios, 137 East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016, LB. 2-0675
- (3) window or room settings, Peck and Peck, swimsuits, two with visible VOGUE magazines

Le Bon Studio, 124 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, NY, heavier paper
- (7) window displays or room settings marked Peck and Peck . Fashion focus, with several noting publication in magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Mademoiselle.
- (2) window displays, outdoor room setting, spring w/butterflies

County Photo Service, PO Box 209,Westbury, NY, Tel: Pioneer 2-1111 , Office: Jericho Turnpike and Glen Cove Road
- (1) Peck and Peck room setting photograph with picket fence, wicker furniture, and schrubs

Hartford Courant (newspaper) This picture is the property of the Hartford Courant and may be used for the purposes of reproduction when authorized by the owner. It may not be syndicated, rented or loaned, or used for advertising purposes or the purposes of trade. The following credit must be printed under each reproduction of this picture:
Photograph by THE HARTFORD COURANT, A Connecticut institution since 1764
– (1) window display, 3 manikins, “Junior Bazaar picks fashions with a sunny future” notice in front

Jayrod Studios Inc, 36 W 25 Street, New York 11, NY
- (1) window display, artwork in frames, 3 styles side by side w/chairs in front of display (indoor?)

PLATNICK'S PHOT SERVICE, Long Island's Leading Photographers, In Nassau County... Main office: 160 Yale Street, Hempstead LI
- (1) window display, multi-faceted display, VISCOUNT Concept in Flight, female manikin, several theater posters

Dennis Gibbs Photographer, Albany 9253. 817 Ave
- (1) window display, Playtex Fab-Lined Girdles, conceptual, w/”LIFE” tags on wall

Zito Studio, 10-16 Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn New Jersey ,796-0104
- (1) window display, four manikins dressed with artistic rendered backdrops (tape residue on rear)

Studio Nine Inc , 101 Fifth Ave. New York, NY, Telephone 929-1607
- (2) window displays, “Peck & Peck” and “Fly Eastern” with clothing on manikans

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