Are We on the Road to War? [ Offprint Issue ]

[ Chicago, IL ]: Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists 1962. First Separate Issue. [1]-8 pages. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Minor crease to upper corner and a touch of browning. An offprint (reprint) of Szilard's article "Are We on the Road to War?" from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Vol XVIII, No. 4, April 1962. Offprints are prized by collectors as they are often issued in very small quantity for the author's use, and they represent the first separate issue of many works first issued in Journal format. Near Fine. Stapled Wraps. [27288]

The article contains "the text of a speech which Leo Szilard has recently given at nine American colleges and universities in order to invite students to participate in an experiment. The response could show whether a political movement of the kind described in the speech would take off the ground provided it were started on a sufficiently large scale." Szilard invited listeners of the speeches to indicate their willingness to volunteer 2% of their income towards campaign contributions, assuming those being supported had similar political agendas. Involved early on in the development of nuclear technology, Szilard was quite interested in ways to balance the potentially devastating power of these new technologies, and experimented with new forms of social discussion in an effort to engage the minds of especially young people. He also wrote fiction "with a message" to that same end. Szilard was also a founder of the "Council for a Livable World" which still exists today.

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