Transistor Technology [ 3 volumes in the scarce dust jackets ]. Biondi. F. J., H. E. Bridgers, J. H. Scaff, J. N. Shive.
Transistor Technology [ 3 volumes in the scarce dust jackets ]
Three volume set in the scarce dust jackets

Transistor Technology [ 3 volumes in the scarce dust jackets ]

Princeton, New Jersey, Toronto, London, New York: D. Van Nostrand Company. Inc. 1959, 1958. mixed edition set. Three volumes. Vol One: xxxvii, 661 pages. Vol Two: xiii, 701 pages. Vol Three: xiii, 416 pages. Volume One is a second printing (first was April 1958, here January 1959),, the other two volumes are first printings. All three volumes in the traditional blue cloth binding with black and gilt spine lettering. Each volume has the elusive dust jacket, rarely found on tomes that were used in laboratories with some regularity. Djs with chipping, tears, and rubbing. The first volume with the most wear overall. Provenance is enough to make the collector smile - two volumes are stamped "Property of Allentown Laboratories" and the last "Property of Bell Telephone Laboratories". Allentown Laboratories was one of the Bell Laboratories facilities in Allentown, PA near the famous Western Electric facility that manufactured many of the early transistors. Bought and sold across many different companies, the facility whose shelves these once graced is now closed. Near Fine / Very Good. Cloth. [27935]

An important set of books in the Bell Laboratories Series. Volume One deals with "The basic principles of germanium transistor fabrication, fundamental to the understanding of the more advanced aspects of present-day transistor technolgoy, with specific information on each step lelading to production on a commercial scale." Volume Two is "A report on the technology of materials and principles of transistor design covering topics of recent principal importance in the field." Shockley and Brattain are both contributors to this volume. Volume Three covers "Developments in transistor technology covering the preparation and structure of junction structure,, preparation, fabrication technology, measurements and characterizations, and reliability studies."

While the transistor was invented at Bell Laboratories in 1948, it wasn't commercialized outside of laboratory and classified military applications until later. These volumes provide an excellent view into the state of the art at the time, straight from the scientists involved in daily innovation in electronics and a multitude of other fields.


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