[ Advertising Broadside ] The SANATARIAN! Addison D. Crabtre, M. D., Crabtree.
[ Advertising Broadside ] The SANATARIAN!
[ Advertising Broadside ] The SANATARIAN!
200 invalids at Rockland [ Maine ]

[ Advertising Broadside ] The SANATARIAN!

Boylston Station, Boston, Mass. Self-published [ 1877 ]. First Edition. 6 1/8 x 16 1/2 inches. Tan paper printed in black. Folded as if for mailing, one tape repair on verso (some show-through). Very Good. [27966]

This broadside proclaims Dr. Crabtre's virtues, includes various testimonials (one dated 1877), wherein he advises against surgery for cancer (he uses "absorption"). While it reads at times like a quackery advertisement (with a laundry list of cured ailments), there are no specific remedies offered - just that the good Doctor is a famous and competent practitioner (he claims to have treated 200 invalids at Rockland during his previous visits). The broadside notes his intention to make his 9th visit to Rockland [Maine] at the Lynde Hotel, staying from Tues, May 15th until the 21st only. These calendar dates correspond to 1877, which is how we dated the broadside. One "Remarkable Cure at Rockland" testimonial is dated "April 26, 1877" so he is intent on noting he is active, and current in the community.

Dr. Addison Crabtre (also spelled Crabtree) five years previously (1872) authored the book "The funny side of physic : or, The mysteries of medicine, presenting the humorous and serious sides of medical practice. An exposé of medical humbugs, quacks, and charlatans in all ages and all countries.", Hartford ; Chicago : J.B. Burr & Hyde, 1872. Later he seems to have left medicine, applying for copyright on the book "How to make money" in 1884, and authoring the book "The Journeys of Jesus A Chronological Geographical and Topographical History of the Jouneys of Jesus" in 1884. He also authored several songs. The best known is A TRAMP ON THE STREET also known as Only a Tramp. "This song has a long tradition in American music. It was written in 1877 by Dr. Addison D. Crabtree, which places it clearly in Public Domain. It was re-arranged by Grady and Hazel Cole and copyright in 1940". (google). The Boston Globe, 16 Apr 1887 finishes what we know of Dr. Crabtree: “Association Hall., cor. Of Boylston and Berkeley sts. - Meeting for men only at 3 pm. Illustrated lecture by Dr. Addison D. Crabtree. Subject, “Over the Walks of Jesus” from the Star of Bethlehem to the end of the Judean ministry. All young men cordially invited.”

An interesting broadside, and "character arc" in the sense of what one person did over the years.

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