Norcross Greeting Card original artwork "Daddy Fr. Child XMAS" number 15N3735. Norcross Inc.
Norcross Greeting Card original artwork "Daddy Fr. Child XMAS" number 15N3735

Norcross Greeting Card original artwork "Daddy Fr. Child XMAS" number 15N3735

Kit Taylor. [ no place but New York City, NY ]: Norcross Inc. August 25, 1971. First Edition. 6 7/8 x 9 7/8 inches. On artist's board.  A mixed media original illustration for a greeting card. With the green portions being pasted on and then painted highlights. Dimensions, printer instructions, and on the rear details about the item, artist (Taylor), quantity (20M), etc on back. Very Good. [28223]

"Arthur D. Norcross founded the Norcross Greeting Card Company in New York City in the nineteen twenties. From the start Norcross cards had a "look" which contributed to their selling success although, through the years, the company commanded only a small share of the greeting card market. In 1974 the company relocated to West Chester and Exton, Pennsylvania, where in 1981 Norcross and the Rust Craft Greeting Card Company merged to form divisions of a parent company...Arthur Norcross died in 1968, and the company had four owners from then until 1982. One of the owners, the Ziff Corporation, a New York publisher, picked up the Norcross Company to augment the floundering Rust Craft Greeting Card Company that it had purchased primarily for its television holdings. Finally the Norcross and Rust Craft combination was acquired by Windsor Communications, Inc., a privately held company. In August 1981 Windsor entered into Chapter 11 proceedings under the Federal bankruptcy law and ceased producing greeting cards. Factors leading to bankruptcy included the expensive consolidation of Norcross and Rust Craft, a doubtful marketing strategy, and unsuccessful efforts to continue producing two distinct lines of greeting cards." (Smithsonian collection NMAH.AC.0058 Biographical note)

A large collection of these cards entered the market some years ago - we bought selectively, and are offering one here that is fitting with the holiday spirit! Norcross cards always have such a good vibe to them. A great gift, or frame it for the wall.

Price: $50.00