Note on Certain Transcendental Numbers [mimeographed typescript]. Claude E. Shannon, Elwood.
The first separate appearance

Note on Certain Transcendental Numbers [mimeographed typescript]

[no place of publication stated]: [no publisher stated] October 27, 1948. One leaf printed recto only. 10 7/8 x 8 3/8 inches. Mimeographed typescript. Near Fine. Wraps. [28618]

"This note calls attention to a certain class of numbers that are easily shown to be transcendental but seem to have escaped previous notice." (first sentence)

This one page paper only appears in Sloane and Wyner's digital-only "Claude Elwood Shannon Miscellaneous Writings,” an e-resource that only includes papers not in “Claude Elwood Shannon Collected Papers.”

PROVENANCE: The personal files of Claude E. Shannon (unmarked). One of two examples in Shannon's files.

Sloane and Wyner, "Claude Elwood Shannon Collected Papers," #46


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