The Sailors' Magazine, and Seamen's Friend Vol 36, July 1864, No. 11. American Seamen's Friend Society.
The Sailors' Magazine, and Seamen's Friend Vol 36, July 1864, No. 11
The Sailors' Magazine, and Seamen's Friend Vol 36, July 1864, No. 11

The Sailors' Magazine, and Seamen's Friend Vol 36, July 1864, No. 11

107 Fulton Street, New York: American Seamen's Friend Society July 1864. First Edition. [321]-352 pages. 8vo. Tan printed wrappers. Nice woodcut of the clipper ship Great Republic on the front cover (signed Baker-Andrew in print). String tied. Previous owner name in pencil on the front wrapper. Clean internally. [28737]

S. Hallet Printer and Translator (mis-spelled S. Halelt on rear cover). Masthead on first page also notes Vol 6 rather than vol 36 on the front wrapper. Includes various articles on domestic operations (California, New Orleans, Key West, Pensacola, Cairo, Brooklyn, and NY) and also reports on the Western Seaman's freid Society. Includes reports, finances, receipts and articles. In rear we find "The Life Boat" which is July 1864, this time Vol 5 No 7. Several stories of a life boat and rescue.

"History of American Seamen’s Friend Society

In the files of the American Seamen’s Friend Society are the records of the human side of the merchant marine, and the story of a trust founded over a century ago by a group of men of great vision and humanity who recognized the importance of seamen as individuals and as factors in our national economy.

The Society adopted a constitution on January 11, 1826, but was not completely organized until May 5, 1828, when officers and trustees were first chosen. The Society was formally incorporated in April, 1833. The constitution stated the objects of the Society to be “To improve the social and moral condition of seamen, by uniting the efforts of the wise and good in their behalf; by promoting in every port boarding houses of good character, savings banks, register offices, libraries, museums, reading rooms and schools; and also the ministrations of the gospel, and other religious blessings.”

In organizing the American Seamen’s Friend Society, it was proposed to improve the conditions of seamen and bring them into the enjoyment of the same domestic comforts and the same advantages for religious improvement that other men in other walks of life enjoyed. To this end it was proposed to encourage individuals in whom confidence could be place to keep good boarding houses, to provide register offices, reading rooms and libraries and to establish savings banks and schools, This program was to be accompanied “with frequent prayer meetings, the distribution of bibles, tracts and magazines and with visiting from house to house and from ship to ship.”" (from the archival writeup at Mystic Seaport on the history of the group)

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