Item #29136 FREE FUEL DELIVERIES DAILY. Solar Energy. The Fuel that Lasts Forever. Consumer Action Now's Council on Environmental Alternatives.
The Sun - The Fuel that Lasts Forever

FREE FUEL DELIVERIES DAILY. Solar Energy. The Fuel that Lasts Forever.

NY: Sun Day Center [no date stated]. Advertisment on thin board. Oblong, 11 x 28 inches. A touch of wear at the corners, and a bit of small light foxing mostly to the verso. Very Good. [29136]

President Carter declared May 3, 1978 to be Sun Day - International Sun Day is celebrated on May 3 every year.

The NY Times article on the event conveyed the following:

"As the sun rises over the eastern horizon tomorrow, there is to be a pilgrimage to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine to greet it. Hours later, when the sun sets in Hawaii, 4,800 miles to the west. ceremo- bies revering it are to be held on the eaches. In between the two, across the breadth of the country, thousands of Americans are expected to observe or participate in events extolling the benefits that can be derived from sunlight.

President Carter has proclaimed tomorrow [May 3, 1978] Sun Day, and proponents of solar energy have organized hundreds of exhibits in all 50 states and have encouraged similar public events in more than 30 foreign countries.

The day, which is expected to be generally fair in most parts of the country, is to be marked by a Presidential speech at the Solar Energy Research Institute in Golden, Colo. Mr. Carter is expected to announce a broadening of the Federal Government's commitment to the development of solar energy.

Other planned activities include pronouncements by governors, teach ins, conferences, sidewalk rallies, “Sun dances,” fairs and demonstrations of solar devices at schools, colleges and community centers in more than 400 municipalities, according to the organizers of Sun Day.

The idea for Sun Day was expressed almost a year ago by Denis Hayes, who organized the environmentally oriented Earth Day of 1970, and by Richard Munson and Peter Harnik, who are coordinators of the event and head a staff of 70 ‘based in Washington. With about $250,000 from private contributions, foundations, industry and universities, the organization has established 500 local offices in the United States.

According to Mr. Hayes, chairman of Sun Day's board of directors, the celebration has three main purposes: to stimulate public interest and create a strong citizen movement while demonstrating that solar energy is not an esoteric technology; to ease away from the nation's reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and to push for political action and .Government financing that would result In the more rapid development of solar .energy." (NY Times, May 2, 1978)

A bright vibrant image that sought to bring more environmental awareness to solar in the early days. Especially good for exhibition or display.

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