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Getman Brooklyn VBF 2021

Welcome to an odd collection of items from Kuenzig Books presented for the Getman Brooklyn Book fair 2021.  Presented virtually once again.

Getman Anniversary VBF 2021

A small selection of interesting items for your viewing pleasure!

RBMS 2021

We offer a list of 50+ selected items for the 2021 RBMS Showcase.  Prices range from under $50 to $2000.

We will also be exhibiting at the Getman Anniversary virtual bookfair, and will be issuing the first of several Claude Shannon catalogues shortly.

We appreciate your continued interest and support!

California ABAA 2021

A really cool collection of offerings for our first California ABAA fair.

Bibliography Week Jan 2021

An assortment of books, broadsides, ephemera and archives offered for Bibliography Week, Jan 27-28, 2021

Getman Holiday Fair 2020

A selection of 15 items (with an additional 6 posted later) for your holiday viewing pleasure.

Boston ABAA Virtual 2020

A selection of books and ephemera for the Boston ABAA virtual book fair, 2020.

This catalog is the start of something special, as Kuenzig Books has been engaged to sell the contents of scientist Claude E. Shannon's library.  Shannon was the father of information theory and was involved in many areas of mathematics.  In this catalog we highlight some of the many treasures we will be offering in the coming months.  Those interested in Shannon be sure to sign up for our newletter.

We also show original patent artwork, and other items including Boyle's Law, the 2nd edition of Maxwell's Electricity and Magnetism, some unusual items from the Balloon Barrage School and much more.