Cobol 74 Programming Self-Instruction Course

Dayton, Ohio: NCR Corporation 1978. A set of Cobol 74 training program guides, including the Monitor Guide, Handbook, and Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the student's Self-Instruction Course. Includes the Final Exercise envelope to be opened by the Course Monitor after the student has completed all the course components as well as a nearly complete pad of blank Cobol Programming worksheets. The slipcase is worn and has minor damage to some of the corners and edges. The spines of the booklets are sun faded. Internally sound and generally clean. The second edition (first edition was the previous year). Very Good. Trade Paperback. [13380]

A group of modules for learning Cobol 74 Programming. The Monitor Handbook shows how the course monitor should teach the course and monitor student progress. The 4 volumes are for the students' use. The Handbook is more of a reference guide for the language. A complete educational package for both learning and monitoring students. These types of materials are becoming quite scarce, and are an important part of our computing heritage, often discarded as languages become obsolete and programmers learned the languages. COBOL was (and is) an important language for programming business applications. An acronym for "COmmon Business Oriented Language" COBOL was developed jointly by various industry competitors in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It has continued to evolve over time. Cobol 74 refers to compatibility with a particular ANSI standard for the language from 1974. See Sammet's "Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals" for a pre-1970's view of the history of computing languages including Cobol.

Price: $150.00