Der Stein der Weisen Unterhaltung und Belehrung aus allen Gebieten des Wissens für Haus und Familie Neunter band

Wien Leipzig: A. Hartleben. VIII, 384 pages. Decorative cloth. No date. Volume 9 ONLY of this serial which was started in 1889. Some sources note it is yearly, some 3 times a year. Text in German. Very Good. Cloth. [22112]

The title translates loosely to "The Philosopher's Stone entertainment and instruction in all areas of knowledge for home and family." While sounding rather "popular" in nature, this volume is actually quite technical with images of apparatus, many many illustrations highlighting things as complex as optical paths, and a number of full page plates as well.

Chapter topics include: Naturkunde, Naturgeschichte, Physik und Chemie, Elektrotechnik, Marinewesen und Oceanographie, Phylologie Hygiene und Verwandtes, Astronomie, Technik und Industrien, Verkehrswesen, Lande, Länder- und Völkerkunde,Photographie, Aeronautik und Flugtechnik, etc. [Natural history, natural history, physics and chemistry, electrical engineering, naval affairs and oceanography, phylology, hygiene and related, astronomy, technology and industries, transport, countries, regional studies and ethnology, photography, aeronautics and flight technology, etc]

Price: $75.00