Husun Navigational Instrument Catalogue

England: Henry Hughes & Son Limited circa 1939. 9 x 11.5 inches. Soft leather covers. A loose-leaf catalog of brochures for instruments sold by Henry Hughes and Son Limited and inserted into a post binder as here with make-due posts, highlighting some of their manufactured goods. The index includes the following topics: 1) Echo sounders, 2) Ship's Compasses, 2a) Sounding machines, logs and Signally Apparatus, 2b. Clocks and Chronometers, 2c) Sextants, 2d) Binoculars and Telescopes, 2e) Chart instruments, 3) Hydrographic Apparatus, 4) Yacht Instruments. Under the category of Descriptive Handbooks we find 5) Husun Director Compass, 5a) Husun "Dead-Beat" Compass, 5b) Ralston Stability and Trim Indicator, 5c) A.M.L. Position Line Slide Rule. Section Leaflets includes 6) Echo Sounders. Lists of Ships Fitted includes 7) Echo Sounders, 7a) Compasses. Sections 5a and 5b contain nothing. All the others sections contain at least one item. Good. Post binding. [23038]

Husun was the trade name for Henry Hughes and Son Limited products. This appears to be a salesman's catalog given the sections that highlight ships fitted with sounders and compasses. Most brochures are illustrated with black and white photographs of the apparatus. On quick review we do not find a price list. Previous owner name inked on Index page and dated New York December 1939. Some brochures are dated 1938, some 1939. As with most of these loose-leaf catalogs, this represents a group of instruments offered at that time - and while no doubt not "complete" from the company perspective it was what one salesman or customer thought worth keeping.

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