Substantial Collection of B. F. Sturtevant Co. Catalogues, Bulletins, and Application Notes

Boston, Massachusetts / London and Glasgow: B. F. Sturtevant Co. / Sturtevant Engineering Co. 1904-1906. A solid collection of B. F. Sturtevant Co. Catalogs and Application Notes bound together in one physical volume. Cloth bound, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, with leather label on spine incorrectly noting contents as catalogs 100-104 (in actuality many but not all numbers from 100-140). Ex-lbrary Norwich University Library (marked discarded), presented to the library by Sturtevant. A list of catalogs and page count follows. Original wrappers bound in unless noted, a few markings, titles and cover titles similar unless noted. Most are well illustrated (exceptions are the Walter B. Snow titles which are more application notes. Catalogue No. 100: "Monogram" Blowers and Exhausters Sixth Edition (cover title): 1904, 48 pages. Catalogue No 110: The Influence of Mechanical Draft upon the Ultimate Efficiency of Steam Boilers, by Walter B. Snow (fifth edition, 1905, 22 pages, a presentation originally made to the Engineering Society, Dec 1st, 1898). Catalogue No 101: Steel Plate Planing Mill Exhausters (cover title), sixth edition, 1905, 40 pages. Catalogue 112: Mechanical Ventilation and Heating by a Forced Circulation of Warm Air, by Walter B. Snow, third edition 1903, 31 pages, originally a lecture delivered at Sibley College, Cornell University Nov. 17, 1899. Catalog C-113: The Application of Mechanical Draft to Stationary Boilers, by Walter B. Snow, no date, 16 pages. Catalogue No 114: Sturtevant Dry Kilns (cover title). The Sturtevant Steam Hot Blast Heating & Drying Apparatus & Dry Kilns, second edition,, 1904, 86 pages. Catalogue No 115: Condensed Catalogue of the Sturtevant ...., Second edition, 1904. 4 x 8 1/2 inches, a pamphlet that includes some portion of the company product line from 13 different catalogs enumerated on the inside front cover. 48 pages. Catalogue No. 116: Disc and Propeller Fans, Second edition, 1903, 16 pages. Catalogue No 117: The Sturtevant Electric Motors Generators and Generating Sets, Second edition, 1903, 53 pages. Catalogue No 118: Steam Host Blast Heating and Drying Apparatus, Second edition, 1902, 54 pages. Catalogue No 119: The Sturtevant Exhaust Heads & Stream Traps, no date, 8 pages, Catalogue No 120: The Sturtevant Standard and Pony Economizers, First edition, 1904, 45 pages. Sturtevant Engineering Series Bulletin 125, Vertical Engines Class V S 5, Dec 1905, 8 pages. Bulletin 125, Jan 1906, Gas Boosters, 8 pages. Bulletin 127, Feb 1906, High Pressure Blowers, 8 pages. Bulletin 128, Feb 1906, Economizers, 8 pages. Bulletin 129, Mar 1906, Pneumatic Separators, 16 pages. Catalogue No 130: The Turtevant Economizer: 1906, 45 pages. Bulletin 131, Apr 1906, Horizontal Engines, 8 pages. Bulletin 132, Apr 1906, Economizers (in 5 specific locations), 8 pages. Bulletin 133, Gas Blowers, May 1906, 12 pages. Bulletin 134, Aug 1906, Steel Pressure Blowers, 16 pages. Catalogue 135, another condensed catalog this time with parts of 7 other catalogs, in same 1/2 size format. Bulletin 136, Jul 1906, Monogram Blowers and Exhausters, 16 pages. Bulletin 137, Jul 1906, The Flinn Steam Trap, 4 pages. Bulletin 138, Jul 1906, Centrifugal Exhaust Heads, 4 pages. Bulletin 139, Sept 1906, Generating Sets with Vertical Engines Classes VS2 and VS5, 8 pages. Catalogue No 140, Sturtevant High Pressure Blowers, 1906, 48 pages. Very Good. Cloth. [27275]

A great research set of catalogues from this company which focused on industrial supply applications.

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