Clothes Checking Chart for Improving Your Appearance. Dale Carnegie.
Clothes Checking Chart for Improving Your Appearance
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Clothes Checking Chart for Improving Your Appearance

New York, NY: Dale Carnegie Courses Corporation 1941. First Edition. 12 pages. Yellow printed stapled wrappers. 7 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches. Creased vertically as if for mailing (or tucking in one's jacket or purse). Very Good. Wraps. [27564]

A scarce piece of Carnegie ephemera, one we were surprised not to find in Worldcat, nor online. The pamphlet is a guide for men and women that walks them through appearances for various environments. For women, a color chart - what to wear on the street, afternoon, sports, evening, and of course "do not wear". And broken down by hair color. For men, no color charts. Men and women have Type Charts - by type of body, what to wear. The categories are clues into the attitudes of the time - men with a turned up nose should wear hats with turned down brims. Women with shoulders too broad should wear raglad or kimona sleeves with sloping shoulder seams. Fascinating.


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