Item #27738 The Queen Catalogues Volumes I and II. James W. Queen, Co, Deborah Jean Warner, introduction.
The Queen Catalogues Volumes I and II
A quality reprint

The Queen Catalogues Volumes I and II

San Francisco: Norman Publishing 1993. First Thus. Variously paginated. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. Thick small 8vo. Publisher's blue cloth gilt. Nicely produced, much better than other catalog reprints. 2 volumes containing reprints of 17 Queen catalogs. Both volumes still in shrinkwrap. Fine. Cloth. [27738]

Highly recommended for anyone interested in the Queen company and their wares. Individual catalogues are expensive to buy when you can find them - we've been working on our own original set for 20 years and haven't done it yet. Norman has done a service to the scholarly community by gathering and publishing them in one place.

"17 different rare illustrated instrument catalogues and circulars published between 1887 and 1890 in the following fields:. Volume I: Priced and Illustrated Catalogue of Microscopes and Accessories, Magnifying Glasses, Stereoscopes, Graphoscopes, etc. (1890) Priced and Illustrated Catalogue of Ophthalmological Instruments, Spectacles and Eye-Glasses (1889) Illustrated Catalogue of Instruments used in Physical Optics (1888) Astronomical Telescopes, Transit Instruments, Helioscopes, Micrometers, Chronographs and Clocks, Objectives and Oculars, etc. (1889) Illustrated Catalogue of Terrestrial Telescopes, Telescope Stands, Eye-Pieces, Achromatic Objectives, and Accessories (1889) Special List of New Polariscopes and Polarizing Objects for the Use of Schools and Colleges (1887) Priced and Illustrated Catalouge of Optical Lanterns, Stereopticons, Photographic Transparencies and Colored Views for Luminous Projections Classified and Illustrated Price-List and Catalogue of Photographic Lenses, Cameras, Apparatus, and Materials (1890) Catalogue of Mathematical and Engineering Instruments and Materials (1887) Volume II: Supplementary Price List of New Physical Apparatus for the Use of Schools and Colleges (1889) Priced and Illustrated Catalogue of Physical Instruments, Chemical Apparatus and Chemicals (1888) Description and Price List of James W. Queen & Co.'s New Automatic Air Pumps (ca. 1881) Description and Directions for Use of Queen & Co.'s New Form of Toepler Holtz Electric Machine, with Three Plates (1881) Catalogue and Price List of Electrical Testing Apparatus (1887) Supplementary List of Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments, Standards for Electrical Comparison, Laboratory Appliances, Etc. (1889) Special Circular Important to Electricians, Regarding the Testing and Calibration of Electrical Instruments and Apparatus (1889) Catalogue of Chemicals (1887) Priced and Illustrated Catalogue of Chemical Apparatus (1888) Catalogue of Anatomical Models, Charts and Osteological Preparations. Auzoux's Papier-Mache Anatomical Models, Bock-Steger Models Painted in Natural Colors, Human Skeletons (1886) These extensively illustrated and annotated catalogues provide the best available record of the widest range of scientific, optical, artistic and photographic instruments available during the latter part of the 19th century. All of the original Queen and Company catalogs are rare on the market. Few university libraries or museums own the complete range of catalogues reprinted in this collection, and the condition of many of the originals has now badly deteriorated. The Norman Publishing edition, printed on acid-free paper, with its definitive introduction by Deborah Jean Warner, is a comprehensive research tool for the history of 19th-century scientific and medical technology." (the publisher)


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