Item #27978 [Photograph, cyanotype] "Surgeon's Room"
Cyanotype of a Surgeon's Room

[Photograph, cyanotype] "Surgeon's Room"

[no place of publication stated]: [no publisher stated] [no date]. Oblong 11 x 8 1/2 inches plain paper mount. Cyanotype image is oblong 8 3/4 x 6 inches. Mount is three hold punched, and came originally from an industrial photograph album (already broken when we had a chance to buy a few images from it). Nice dark blue image. Near Fine. [27978]

An unusual image, of an industrial concern's "Surgeon's room" so marked in ink on the cyanotype and also on the mount. This image appears to have the surgeon working some kind of ointment into the subject's chest. In the background we can see various objects, including an inhaler, and perhaps most interestingly what looks to be an electrical box for muscle stimulation.

An unusual, and quite collectible image both for subject matter and photographic format/process.

Price: $350.00