Item #28049 [ MARS exploration poster ] "Curiosity LIVE FROM MARS" MDTV.
[ MARS exploration poster ] "Curiosity LIVE FROM MARS"
[ MARS exploration poster ] "Curiosity LIVE FROM MARS"
One of twelve copies printed

[ MARS exploration poster ] "Curiosity LIVE FROM MARS"

[ Newburyport, MA ]: MDTV 2012. First Edition. 17 x 24 inches (sheet size) with approx 2 inch white margins. One of only twelve copies produced. Printed on archival paper using a large format ink jet printer with pigmented archival inks. Colors bright and vibrant! Fine. [28049]

Between 2009 and 2014 Mark Davis of MDTV produced two documentaries about the Curiosity Rover Mission (aka Mars Science Laboratory). One for National Geographic (MARTIAN MEGA ROVER, aired August 2012) ) and one for The Discovery Channel (RED PLANET ROVER, aired December 2014). While MDTV was gathering primary source material at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a poster project was commissioned by Project Scientist John Grotzinger of Caltech/JPL at the suggestion of JPL engineer Adam Steltzner. Steltzner envisioned the posters as motivational posters to be displayed in the areas where the rovers were being built, much like WWII war effort posters. MDTV agreed to take on the task of design and production. While the project was not finished in time to fulfill their intended purpose, these posters remain a vibrant and very visual representation of the scientists at work, and add to the visual record of the space program.

Three different poster designs were created and produced - one titled "Curiosity, Live from MARS", a conceptual piece highlighting the scientists and the Mars rover. The second "MARS Science Laboratory", shows the delivery of the rover to the surface. And the third, "Insatiable Curiosity", showing the rover on the surface of Mars. The edition was designed by artist Leighton Kelly and printed by Rob Day of Zeno Design on archival paper using a large format ink jet printer with pigmented archival inks.

Of the original twelves copies of each poster design printed, three sets (one of each design) were given to the JPL Scientist who commissioned the project, two sets to other people at JPL, one set was kept by MDTV, one set by the artist, and one single poster was sold to an engineer at JPL.

Kuenzig Books purchased the entire remaining production run from MDTV - four sets plus two additional posters and one triplet. We have (as of this writing) one remaining complete set and a few individual posters. They will not be reprinted.

NOTE: Since these were envisioned strictly as internal motivational posters, they were not signed or otherwise marked as a limited edition on the posters.

Price: $150.00

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