Item #28313 [broadside] Directions for Using Hoyt's Picket Pointing Machine. E. C. Tainter, Co.

[broadside] Directions for Using Hoyt's Picket Pointing Machine

Philadelphia, Penn'a: E. C. Tainter & Co [circa 1877]. 8 1/2 x 5 1/8 inches. Black ink on off-white paper. Folded vertically. Minor additional creasing, several small stains, pencil note written in indicating the price of the machine is at the factory. Instructions for use of the "Hoyt Picket Pointing Machine" - a woodworking machine for cutting pickets (a part of a fence). Good. [28313]

"Ephraim C. "Eph" Tainter, the manager of J. A. Fay & Co.'s Worcester operations, bought those operations when the J. A. Fay & Co. partnership was dissolved in 1861; most of the operations were bought by a group of their agents who established a new "J. A. Fay & Co." based in Cincinnati, but the Worcester operations were not part of that deal. In an unusual arrangement, the Worcester company and the Cincinnati company agreed that they could each use the "J. A. Fay & Co." name.

Eph Tainter proceeded to largely shut down his manufacturing operations and resell machines from other makers as J. A. Fay & Co. machines. This did not sit well with the Cincinnati owners of that name, and a lawsuit was filed. It dragged on for a couple of years, but the eventual decision was that the original agreement did not restrict Tainter's right to use the name as he saw fit.

In 1869, Tainter joined the firm of Power & Davis, with the resulting firm being named Power, Davis & Tainter. By 1876 the firm was known as Power, Tainter & Co. At some point it became E. C. Tainter & Co., and then in 1878 that firm was bought out by Goodell & Waters." (vintagemachinery org)

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