Item #28676 Zero error capacity of a noisy channel [Bell Monograph]. Claude E. Shannon, Elwood.
Zero error capacity of a noisy channel [Bell Monograph]
Zero error capacity of a noisy channel [Bell Monograph]
The first separate appearance

Zero error capacity of a noisy channel [Bell Monograph]

New York: Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. March 1957. First Separate Edition. [1]-12 pages. 10 7/8 x 8 3/8 inches (275 x 213 mm) Publisher's wrappers, printed in grey, light blue, and black. Five holes punched at the spine as issued, stapled. Near Fine. Wraps. [28676]

Originally presented at the 1956 Symposium on Information Theory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 10-12, 1956, The IRE Transactions on Information Theory, IT-2, pp. 8-19 first published this paper in September 1956. We are not aware of any separate IRE offprint of this paper. Until and unless one appears, this constitutes the first separate edition, published in the Bell Telephone System Technical Publications Monograph series, #2760.

"The zero-error capacity Co of a noisy channel is defined as the least upper bound of rates at which it is possible to transmit information with zero probability of error. Various properties of Co are studied; upper and lower bounds and methods of evaluation of Co are given. Inequalities are obtained for the Co relating to the 'sum' and 'product' of two given channels. The analogous problem of zero-error capacity Cof for a channel with a feedback link is considered. It is shown that while the ordinary capacity of a memoryless channel with feedback is equal to that of the same channel without feedback, the zero-error capacity may be greater. A solution is given to the problem of evaluating Cof." (abstract) NOTE: Co is 'C' subscript 'o'. Cof is 'C' subscript 'o' with superscript 'f.’

PROVENANCE: The personal files of Claude E. Shannon (unmarked). There were multiple examples of this item in Shannon's files.

Sloane and Wyner, "Claude Elwood Shannon Collected Papers," #109
Hook and Norman, "Origins of Cyberspace," #890
Reprinted in D. Slepian, editor, "Key Papers in the Development of Information Theory," IEEE Press, NY, 1974, pp 112-123

COLLECTORS NOTE: The Bell Telephone System Monograph series offered a way to obtain individual articles by Bell scientists regardless of where their work was first published. Many Monographs significantly postdate the original article publication. Because of this, they rarely constitute the coveted (and traditional) article offprint. If the journal of record issued no offprint, the Monograph might be the first separate publication - the closest the collector can come to a traditional offprint. We have done our best to place each Monograph properly in the article’s publishing history and welcome any corrections or additional information, especially regarding issues unknown to us.

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