Concavity of Transmission Rate as a Function of Input Probabilities - Case 20878: Technical Memoranda MM-54-114-28 ... [reproduced typescript]

[New York, NY]: Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated June 8, 1955. [1], 2 leaves. 10 7/8 x 8 3/8 inches. Reproduced typescript. Four holes punched near the spine, stapled upper left, creasing and minor edge staining. Near Fine. Wraps. [28973]

Abstract: "The following theorem is proved: In a discrete noisy channel without memory the rate of transmission R is a concave downward function of the probabilities Pi of the input symbols. Hence any local maximium of R will be the absolute maximum or channel capacity C."

An internal Bell Labs Memorandum whose filing subject is information theory. Fifteen Bell Labs scientists were on the distribution list.

PROVENANCE: The personal files of Claude E. Shannon (unmarked). There were nine examples of this item in Shannon's files.

Sloane and Wyner, "Claude Elwood Shannon Collected Papers," #95


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