Item #29188 Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems [Bell Monograph]. C. E. Shannon, Claude Elwood.
The first separate edition

Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems [Bell Monograph]

New York, NY: Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated April 1950. First Separate Edition. 60 pages. 11 x 8 1/2 inches. Original printed grey, blue and black wrappers, stapled. Five holes punched at the spine as issued. A touch of wear to the extremities, a nice copy. Near Fine. Wraps. [29188]

During World War II, Bell Lab scientists worked on classified government-funded cryptography research. Shannon's research resulted in the classified internal technical memorandum "A Mathematical Theory of Cryptography" dated Sept. 1, 1945. (Sloane and Wyner #24) Never published, the Bell System Technical Journal (BSTJ) in October 1949 first published a declassified abstract of this paper titled "Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems." (Sloan and Wyner #25)

Offered here is the first separate edition, as issued in the Bell Telephone System Monograph series (#1727: April 1950). We are unaware of any separately issued Bell System Technical Journal offprint for this paper.

"Shannon’s insight, his great contribution to cryptology, lay in pointing out that [language] redundancy furnishes the ground for cryptanalysis. 'In ... the majority of ciphers,' he wrote, 'it is only the existence of redundancy in the original messages that makes a solution possible.' This is the very basis of codebreaking." (Kahn 1996, p 748)

"The discoverer of information theory examines cryptology in terms of that theory: redundancy, entropy, equivocation. Shannon develops formulas that enable the cryptanalyst to tell when a solution in a particular cipher system is valid. He discusses perfect secrecy (the absolutely unbreakable cipher) and ideal secrecy (practically unbreakable ciphers) and work characteristics needed to solve different kinds of ciphers. (Kahn 1969, pp 324-5)

"[Communication theory of secrecy systems] has provided, for the first time, a well-organized theory of cryptography and cryptanalysis, and it is highly regarded by the expert cryptanalysts." (Pierce, p 271)


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