Item #29191 Physical Principles Involved in Transistor Action [Bell Monograph]. J. Bardeen, W. H. Brattain.
Physical Principles Involved in Transistor Action [Bell Monograph]
The discovery of the transistor (the first separate edition)

Physical Principles Involved in Transistor Action [Bell Monograph]

New York: Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated 1949. First Separate Edition. 18, [2 (blank)] pages. 10 7/8 x 8 3/8 inches. Original blue and gray printed wrappers with 5 hole punches at the spine (as issued). A touch of wear to the extremities, and offsetting to rear panel (apparently from an adjacent Bell Monograph). Front cover clean, rear soiled. Clean internally. Very Good. Wraps. [29191]

This paper was first presented (in part) at the Chicago meeting of the American Physical Society, Nov. 26, 27, 1948. It was first published in both in the Bell System Technical Journal 28, No. 2 (April 1949) and in the same month in The Physical Review Vol 75, pp. 1208-1225 (April 15, 1949). We are not aware of an offprint of this paper from either the Physical Review or the Bell System Technical Journal. Hence this is the First Separate Edition, as close as one can get to an "offprint" of this paper, issued as the Bell Telephone System Technical Publications Monograph B-1659.

"The first comprehensive report on the transistor, which had been announced in three brief papers published in the Physical Review in the previous year. The transistor gradually replaced the bulkier vacuum tube, allowing heat reduction and miniaturization of electronic deviecs. Transistors began to be employed on a large scale in computer manufacturing in the late 1950s; they were eventually miniaturized and incorporated into microprocessors. Bardeen and Brattain shared the 1956 Nobel Prize for physics with William Shockley...for their investigations of semiconductors (the materials of which transistors are made) and for their discovery of the transistor. " (Origins of Cyberspace)

Hook and Norman, Origins of Cyberspace, #450 (referencing the Bell System Technical Journal publication)

COLLECTORS NOTES: The Bell Telephone System Monograph series offered a way to obtain individual articles by Bell scientists regardless of where their work was first published. Many Monographs significantly postdate the original article publication. Because of this, they rarely constitute the coveted (and traditional) article offprint. If the journal of record issued no offprint, the Monograph might be the first separate publication - the closest the collector can come to a traditional offprint. We have done our best to place each Monograph properly in the article’s publishing history and welcome any corrections or additional information, especially regarding issues unknown to us.

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