Shannon Catalogue One w/ addns 2021

Shannon Catalogue One w/ addns 2021

Kuenzig Books is pleased to represent the Shannon family in selling Claude Shannon's library. This catalog contains 80 items Shannon wrote or co-authored. Many have not been seen previously. All but one are Shannon's personal retained file copies.

Claude E. Shannon was adept at looking at real-world problems and mathematically proving what was possible (and at times, just as importantly, what was not).  Much of today's interconnected world has been positively impacted by his ideas.

His groundbreaking MIT Master's thesis laid the foundations of circuit design as we know it.  At Bell Labs, his “Mathematical Theory of Communication” and “Communication Theory and Secrecy Systems” established the field of information theory and contributed to wartime cryptanalysis work.  Shannon teaches us what a “bit” is; how many can be pushed from place to place; what noise is and what it means; can computers play chess; can a computerized mouse run a maze; how to explain communication channels mathematically; even how a reliable circuit can be built with less than reliable components.  All this and more before 1960!

The appreciation of Claude Shannon’s fundamental contributions and practical impact continues to grow to this day.  We offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire papers written by a significant player in the electronic age, straight from his own files!

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